There is never a more authentic praise than when we do it in time of testing

 Praise Him in My Obedience
When I’m Tested

Scripture Reading:  Psalm 66:13-20

Key Verse: Psalm 66:10

For you, O God, tested us; you refined us like silver.

Our theme this week is to praise God by the very act of our obedience to Him.  David wrote that he would come to the temple…and fulfill his vows (vs. 13).  In other words, David understood songs of praise are empty without obedience to the vows we make to our God!

As we walk with God, there will be times when God allows us to be tested.  Our printed key verse today: “For you, O God, tested us; you refined us like silver” (vs. 10).  In Psalm 139:24 we read: “See if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in the way everlasting.”

It seems to me that there is never a more authentic praise and worship than when we do it in the midst of a time of testing.  It is easy to sing praise and worship songs when life is going smoothly, but when God opens the gate to allow a measured amount of testing to come upon us, it is not so easy to sing praises!

As you take your journey with God today, determine to whisper your praise to Him no matter how the day unfolds.  Never forget that God made your day—designing it specifically for you.  No, He does not cause the evil, but He sees it coming and plans to make it all work out for your good!  Praise Him!

Father, when I am tempted to complain, remind me to praise.  When I am tempted to get discouraged, remind me to trust your plan!  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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