It was a “norm” for the early believers to have concern for the poor

It’s a Test for the Church
Eager to Help – Part 1

Scripture Reading:  Romans 15:25-32

Key Verse: Romans 15:26

For Macedonia and Achaia were pleased to make a contribution for the poor among the saints in Jerusalem.

In each of these daily devotionals you have noticed that I offer a “scripture reading” section, as well as the printed key verse.  If you can, take time to read today’s scripture reading.  These verses will give you a beautiful picture of the early church and how it operated.

Take note, first of all, that once again it was a “norm” for the early believers to have concern for the poor—even those that they had never met.  Believers from Macedonia and Achaia had taken an offering for believers that were approximately 1300 miles from them.  When you consider travel in their day that was an extremely long way away.  Most people never in their lifetime traveled that far from home.  Yet, these believers took their hard earned money and gave it to the poor in another part of the world.  They were modeling what we must continue to do in our world as Christ following believers.

Secondly, please note the attitude of these believers: “The believers…have eagerly taken up an offering” (Romans 15:26).  The Greek word Paul chose for eager was “eudokeo,” which in Greek has meanings of one’s good pleasure or willingly determined to.  That is what should happen when sinners are transformed into saints by the grand work of Jesus Christ our Lord.  (Continued)

Father, thank you for revealing these models of concern for the poor.  I am determined and eager to help those you reveal to me that I should help.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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