God slowly transforms us into a Christ like person

The Most Authentic Way
Love is Sincere – Part 2

Scripture Reading: Romans 12:9-21

Key Verse: Romans 12:9

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.

As I wrote in yesterday’s devotional, God’s work is real.  However, this does not mean God’s work is instantaneous.  Forgiveness of our sins is instantaneous, but the changing of our thinking takes time.  God slowly transforms us into a Christ like person.  We grow into a more loving person.  We must be conscientious of this growth process so we don’t become pretenders.  It is OK to admit that we are not what we will be with more work of God.  When we are honest about our need for growth, then our love is always sincere even when it needs to grow to deeper levels.

Let’s get real practical: think of a person you don’t particularly like.  The wrong way to approach this is to pretend you do like them.  (I’m referring to the thought processes of your mind.)  The better way to approach your honest feelings is to present them to God and ask for help.  God is able to do a transformational work in you and your emotions.  As one mature Christ follower used to say: “Lord, I’m willing to be made willing.”  Tell the Lord you are willing to be loving and want to love as He loves.

The Spirit of God may present opportunities to give that person a kind deed.  Be obedient; actions almost always go before emotions.  Be determined to grow sincere love!

Father, I open my heart up to you.  Take insincerity out and replace it with your sincere love for all people.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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