Our Leader was direct, clear and emphatic: Pray and never give up!

Don’t Stop Praying!

Scripture Reading: Luke 18:2-8

Key Verse: Luke 18:1

Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.

I would encourage every believer to return to Luke 18:1-8 several times a year to read and study.  It is a message to Christ followers from our Leader!  It is a passage that describes the source of our power and the reason we pray.

          Our Leader’s first statement is direct, clear and emphatic: Pray and never give up!  Jesus knew that our human nature, along with the nature of prayer, would make it easy to stop praying.  We have natural weaknesses that tend to quit things that are difficult.  The very nature of prayer makes it difficult!  First, prayer is a faith endeavor, we can’t see with our physical eyes who we are talking to!  Second, prayer almost always involves waiting on God’s timing for the answers.  Most of us are not good at waiting!  Third, an effective prayer involves our determined faith that God is on the move, working all things out.  The problem is, we can’t see Him working and that makes it difficult to keep believing!  Jesus, therefore, says “pray and never give up!”

          The parable Jesus tells after making this statement, describes the God we are talking to!  He is opposite of the judge in the story in all ways!  Our Father always listens.  Our Father always judges fairly.  Our Father gives us His best answer immediately, though we may not know it until the perfect time occurs.  Don’t stop praying!

Father, remind me when I get discouraged that you are faithful to listen and answer my prayers.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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