We all need times of quiet Bible study—with paper and pen in hand

Admirers vs. Advancers
The Word

Scripture Reading: Acts 6:1-7

Key Verse: Acts 6:4

give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word

As the church grew in numbers in its early days, problems grew as well.  In our scripture for today we read of one of the issues that came up.  There were widows who were being missed in their compassionate ministry of distributing food.  What should be done?  Who should serve these widows?  The apostles undoubtedly felt some pressure to do it themselves, but if they did they would neglect the ministry of the Word of God.  They determined that that must not happen and called all the disciples together to elect people to serve these tables for the widows.

            Here is the point that we must not miss: The Word of God was priority in their minds.  The study of and the teaching of God’s Word was too important to allow anything—even feeding widows—to come before it!  This should be a great lesson for us who would choose to be advancers in God’s kingdom.  If you determine to move from admirer to advancer, you must get into God’s Word.  There must be daily readings.  There must be times of quiet study—with paper and pen in hand.  There must be initiative to join a small group to aid Bible study.  There will be opportunities for ladies Bible studies and Men’s Bible studies to be a part of!  The Word of God will minister to you.  It will provide answers to life’s questions and strength to trust in God.

Father, I am determined to advance in my understanding of you and your kingdom.  Open my eyes to your truths as I read the Bible.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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