Too often we insult God by acting like He needs defending or explanation

Fear God
I Repent – Part 2

Scripture Reading:  Job 42:1-6

Key Verse: Job 42:6

Therefore I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes.

Job repented for his foolish efforts to explain the mysteries of life.  He had to repent because God had been offended by Job and his friends’ explanation of Job’s suffering.  They had accused God falsely and, pridefully, thought they could explain God.

            Most of us have foolishly acted in the same way.  When a tragedy happens to someone, we try to explain it.  We offer excuses for God’s behavior.  Too often we insult God by acting like He needs defending or explanation.  We need to revisit Job 38-42 and remember the majesty of God.  We must never lose sight that God set the foundations of the earth and formed the sea and the clouds above them.  We must always remember that God is a sovereign God.  In other words, He stands alone in wisdom, power and judgment.  No one can ever make judgments with wisdom that compares to His.

            When you or someone you care about goes through a time of trial or suffering, be careful in your judgments of God or of how He acts.  Just because we can’t see any reason or logic to something that has happened, doesn’t mean there isn’t any reason or logic to it.  God’s ways will be revealed someday and we will all fall at His feet and proclaim that He was right!

Father, I know and will trust your ways and your purposes, whether I understand them or not.  I worship you as my God and Father!  In Jesus’ name, amen.

2 thoughts on “Too often we insult God by acting like He needs defending or explanation

  1. Pastor Ben,

    I am a college student at Moody Bible Institute studying to become a pastor and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the outstanding leadership you’ve shown to the Brighton Naz. I’ve only been attending church at the Naz for a little over a year now and currently go to school in Chicago so I can only make it to church when I’m back to visit but you have left a strong impression on my life in a short time and if someday the Lord can help me become a leader like you then I will be truly blessed.


    1. Caleb, just wanted to say thank you for your encouraging words to me. I am grateful for God’s equipping power that has done whatever good is found in me. I know He is going to do a good work in you and through you, as well. God’s Best to you! Pastor Ben

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