The Holy Scriptures are the breath of our Almighty God

What the Voice Speaks
No Condemning Voice – Part 2

Scripture Reading: Romans 8:2-11

Key Verse: Romans 8:1

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus

As we look further into this voice that never condemns the children of God, I want to remind us that a voice of condemnation will be heard.  When we experience failures of our flesh, a voice of condemning will be loud and clear, but it is not God’s voice.  If we allow this voice to be dominant in our heads we will feel a condemnation.  Once we allow this feeling to stay, we lose the joy of being in Christ Jesus.  We certainly won’t be living the abundant life that Jesus died to provide.

            I often repeat our printed key verse to this voice of the liar and father of lies.  As the enemy of my soul tries to imitate God’s voice, I claim my victory by quoting God’s inspired Word: “Devil, there is no condemnation for us who are in Christ Jesus!”  I refuse to let a condemning thought stay in my mind.  I replace it with eternal truth found only in the book we call the Holy Scriptures.  Condemnation is from the breath of the evil one.  The Holy Scriptures are the breath of our Almighty God, creator of our universe.  I choose to trust God’s voice over the enemy’s voice.

            Examine and question the content of the voices that ring in your head.  Throw out those that are contrary to the scripture.  Trust the voice that is consistent with the Bible.

Father, your voice calls for me to come, learn, and grow from my failure.  I will listen and obey!  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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