Voices of fear and doubt will try to outshout God’s voice

What the Voice Speaks
A Voice of Trust

Scripture Reading: John 14:2-14

Key Verse: John 14:1

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.

God’s voice will always be a voice that invites trust.  Our printed key verse today challenges us to not let our hearts be troubled.  That is the key to enjoying abundant life.  We have been given abundant life once we accept Jesus.  Unfortunately, it takes us to trust in God to enjoy what we have already been given.

            How do we not let our hearts be troubled?  God invites us to listen to His voice—only!  Other voices will be clamoring for attention.  We must learn to ignore them.  Voices of fear and doubt will try to outshout God’s voice.  Notice that Jesus described these other voices in John 10:8.  He reminds us that these voices were from “thieves and robbers.”  The sheep are not to listen to them.

            As a Christ follower, you will recognize these voices of fear and doubt.  They come as thoughts in your mind.  They suggest gloom and doom.  They are great “artists,” painting the worst case scenarios of situations you are dealing with.  The Holy Spirit that lives in you will help you catch yourself thinking about these pictures being suggested by the evil one.  It is at this point that we must replace these voices with God’s voice.  Look for a promise from the Bible to repeat over and over, drowning out these voices of fear and doubt.

Father, I will not listen to the voices that lead me to destruction.  I will enjoy the abundant life you have provided me.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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