During this life, most of it is waiting on an answer, learn to wait on the Lord

Taking Time to Recharge
Wait Courageously

Scripture Reading: Psalm 27:7-14

Key Verse: Psalm 27:14

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

David knew that being quiet before the Lord and waiting is never easy.  Yesterday we read that we should wait expectantly.  Today’s scripture challenges us to be brave and courageous as we wait.  David had people who threatened his life.  His waiting was literally “life and death” at times.  As he wrote this Psalm, I have a feeling he was looking back over his life remembering the many times he had to simply take courage during the waiting periods.

            When I think about the spiritual journey that we believers take with our Lord during this life, I realize that most of it is waiting on an answer.  We make our requests of Him and then wait.  It is nice when we get an immediate answer, but it is far more typical that we must wait.  Many times our requests are concerning things that are causing us fear and anxiety.  It would be easy to make our request and then wait fearfully!

            We must realize that God takes note of how we wait on Him.  I believe it is pleasing to the Lord when we breathe deep and take courage.  Our faith must kick in and trust that God is working on the best answer for our problem.  If you are waiting on an answer from God, take a moment to examine your feelings or emotions.  Are you waiting fearfully or courageously?

Father, I will demand of myself to take courage and be brave as I wait on your answers.  I know you are worthy of that.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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