This slow demise of our faith due to lack of effort goes from nearsighted to blindness

Nearsighted and Blind

Scripture Reading:  2 Peter 1:10-15

Key Verse: 2 Peter 1:9

But if anyone does not have them, he is nearsighted and blind, and has forgotten that he has been cleansed from his past sins.

After the Apostle Peter concluded the characteristics that are needed in a Christ follower’s life, he dealt with the obvious possibility of someone rejecting these challenges.  What would it look like if a believer does not work at advancing in their relationship with Christ?  Peter describes them as nearsighted and blind.

            Peter uses the word “muopazo” to describe this nearsighted condition.  This term means that a person sees things dimly; to see only what is near.  You have met people like this; they act impulsively rather than look at the implications of their actions that come later.  This lack of self-control leads them into consistent failure and sinful behavior.  In other words, if a believer is not actively working on advancing, they are slowly slipping backward.

            This slow demise of our faith due to lack of effort soon goes from nearsighted to total blindness.  This negative progression goes from feeling bad about their poor spiritual condition to actually justifying it.  There will come a point where truth is denied and faith in God’s Word is a distant memory.  Spiritual blindness leads to a hardness of the heart.  Jesus warns us: “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm will be saved (Matthew 24:12-13).

Father, I want to advance my knowledge and understanding of you today!  Grant me your Spirit of discernment and wisdom.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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