God’s very presence will be enough to light the world being prepared for us.

What We Believe About Heaven
No Night

Scripture Reading:  Revelation 21:22-27

Key Verse: Revelation 21:25

On no day will its gates ever be shut, for there will be no night there.

Isn’t it true that night makes everything that troubles us worse?  It is at night that noises can scare us.  It is at night that we can lay awake and worry in silence.  It is at night that crimes happen most.  The morning dawn can often make life so much more bearable.

            Night and darkness are symbolic, as well as literal, in our world.  We use phrases like, “people have dark secrets.”  Movie reviews can be described as a “dark movie,” meaning it was not a feel good movie.  The Bible uses darkness as an analogy of sinfulness.  It encourages us to step out of darkness into God’s light.  Jesus proclaimed that He was the “light of the world” and that this world was the devil’s dark domain.

            Our scripture for today reminds us that heaven will be “all day”!  There will be no darkness, no nightfall in heaven.  The gates of God’s heavenly city will never shut and there will be no night!  This beautiful city will not have continuous light because of the sun, but because of the glory of God.  God’s very presence will be enough to light the world being prepared for us!  We will walk the streets of heaven with no fear of darkness—in any form.  Nothing impure will be there to molest us or rob us of our joy.  The joyful songs will be in our hearts and in our ears as the angels sing!

Father, the problems and struggles I’m facing now seem so small when compared to the rewards you are preparing for me!  Keep me strong in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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