Both our wants and our needs will be judged perfectly by our heavenly Father.

Deepen Your Talk with Him
Entering the Inner Room

Scripture Reading:  Hebrews 9:1-7

Key Verse:  Hebrews 9:3

Behind the second curtain was a room called the Most Holy Place

The picture of the Old Testament place set up to talk to God was a foreshadowing for us.  God had Moses set up a tabernacle.  The instructions for this tabernacle were very detailed.  You can read these in Exodus 26:30-37.  Our scripture in Hebrews for today’s devotional reminds us that only the high priest was to enter the “inner room,” called the Holy of Holies.  It was in this inner room that the high priest communicated with God and offered the blood of animals to cover the sins of the people.

            The exciting news for us is to realize that Jesus made it possible for all believers to enter into a place to be in God’s presence.  This was dramatically initiated when Jesus died on the cross.  In Matthew 27:50-51 we are told that when Jesus cried out for the last time and died, the curtain that separated the outer room of the tabernacle to the Holy of Holies was torn in two from top to bottom.

            Is this simply a history lesson for us?  Absolutely not!  This made it possible for you and I to go to God directly, no longer needing a priest or the blood of animals.  Hebrews 10:19 gives us this exciting news: “Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus…”  Today, go with confidence into the deeper place to talk with God.

Father, in Jesus’ name I enter into your presence and allow your glory to shine through me.  In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

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