Our covenant is a covenant of Faithfulness on God’s part, so need to stress out.

A Meeting Place
A Rooftop Experience – Part 1

Scripture Reading:  Acts 10:4-23

Key Verse:  Acts 10:9

About noon the following day as they were on their journey and approaching the city, Peter went up on the roof to pray.

If you are able to read the additional scripture reading for today, you’ll see the entire approach of the gospel develop in these verses.  Peter, the head of this new “way,” was still focused on the Jewish population exclusively.  How would Peter be able to turn from his upbringing and lifelong training of Judaism?  It was all made possible because he sought out a place to pray.  It was undoubtedly a normal routine for him to go to the rooftop and pray.  The homes in their culture were all built with flat roofs.  These rooftops were often used for prayer and meditation.

            Because Peter sought out and maintained a place to seclude himself for prayer, God was able to break down his prejudice against those outside the Jewish faith.  God had been speaking to a Gentile—a centurion in the Roman army.  Because he had been devoted to seeking after God, God was about to reveal the full gospel of Jesus to him.  Peter’s vision during his prayer time prepared him to minister to this Roman soldier.

            Does God have a consistent time in your life to reveal new truths to you?  Do you have a time and place that God knows you have set aside for Him to speak to you?  We often do not realize our own prejudice or flaws that hinder the cause of Christ.  At our place of prayer, God can help us see kingdom truths clearly!

Father, take my time with you and reveal yourself clearly to me.  May I grow in my knowledge of you today!  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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