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Determine to Meet with Him
The Usual

Scripture Reading:  Luke 22:40-46

Key Verse:  Luke 22:39

Jesus went out as usual to the Mount of Olives, and his disciples followed him.

Please note the word “usual” in our printed key verse for today.  Some translations say: “As was His custom.”  The meanings are the same.  Jesus was in the habit of going to this garden area for prayer.  It was His “norm.”  The practice of praying was part of Jesus’ life and He modeled it to His disciples.  It was that important to Him; it was that critical to His ability to carry out His father’s purposes.

            What is your “norm” when it comes to prayer?  Are you a once a week—once a month—kind of prayer?  Do you have a daily routine that even your family notices?  What is the usual for you?  I go into a local restaurant quite often because of a fruit plate they serve.  The last time I was in there the waitress asked me if I wanted my “usual”?  It surprised me that she had taken note.  I had not realized how often I had ordered the same meal.  It had become my usual!

            God wants us to develop our usual when it comes to talking with Him.  As our body needs food, so our soul needs the nourishment that only comes from a talk with our heavenly Father.  Let me challenge you to develop your usual—a routine of daily prayer.  I’m sure you do that in other areas of your life, so make it happen in the most important area: Your prayer life!

Father, this world distracts me and makes lots of demands on my time.  Help me to never forsake a daily time with you.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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