Our focus must be on God’s call to us and being obedient to that call.

Determine to Meet with Him
Persistence – Part 2

Scripture Reading: Luke 18:2-8

Key Verse: Luke 18:1

Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.

Yesterday we studied why it is hard to be persistent.  Today, let’s turn to why Jesus said it is so important to be persistent.  The widow in Jesus’ story was seeking justice against her adversaries.  Did you know that you have adversaries?  The Greek word for adversary is “antidikos,” which literally means an opponent or enemy.

            Jesus understood that His followers would face many opponents in this life.  Some of these opponents would be seen by us; they would be enemies in the flesh trying to cause us problems.  But Jesus could see opponents to us that we cannot see with our physical eyes.  The Apostle Paul affirmed this truth in Ephesians 6:12, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

            Did you know that your opponents never take a day off?  There is never a moment in this life but that a strategy is being plotted against you.  Our only hope is to be people of prayer.  Jesus told the disciples this parable “that they should always pray and not give up.”  Do you ever give up?  Do you ever go for days without praying?  The devil loves inconsistent prayers!  They become easy prey!

Father, I need you today.  I need your strength, wisdom and courage to fight the evil one’s attacks on me.  I ask this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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