We should all be comforted by the fact that God never gets distracted, He is paying attention.

God’s Provisions:
God Himself

Scripture Reading:  Genesis 22:3-14

Key Verse:  Genesis 22:8

Abraham answered, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” And the two of them went on together.

Today’s scripture reading is the wonderful story of Abraham’s willingness to trust God’s provisions even in a time of severe testing!  God had blessed Abraham and Sarah with a son, Isaac.  One day God tested Abraham’s trust and faith by asking Abraham to offer Isaac as a sacrifice.  As Abraham was obedient, God provided a substitute sacrifice in just the nick of time.  Abraham called that place: The Lord will provide.

            The Hebrew word for “will provide” is one word: raah.  The literal translation is explained with words like: to look at, see, regard, look after, observe, and give attention to.  That is what God was doing for Abraham when he had passed the test of trust and faith; God was looking and paying attention.  God provided all Abraham needed because He always pays attention to His children’s needs.

            We should all be comforted by the thoughts that our God is paying attention—looking after us.  There is never a moment when God gets distracted.  He is looking at you and your situation.  He regards you as important enough to observe and watch over.  Pass the test of trust and faith.  Refuse thoughts of fear or worry.  Meditate on God’s promises today, not on your problems.  The concern of God is not about how to meet your needs, but how to capture your heart of reliance.  Name the place where you are, “raah”: God will provide!

Father, I will trust in you.  You will provide and I will praise you for that before I actually see the provision.  I pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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