Believe God to work passion in your children’s hearts for Him.

God’s Focus on Feelings:
God’s Keeping Power – Part 2

Scripture Reading:  1 Chronicles 29:14-20

Key Verse: 1 Chronicles 29:18

O Lord, God of our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Israel, keep this desire in the hearts of your people forever, and keep their hearts loyal to you.

In David’s prayer for his son Solomon we see a phrase that is important: “And give my son Solomon the wholehearted devotion to keep your commands…” (vs.19). If you are a parent, you certainly understand David’s concern.  He wanted his son to never slack off of his passion for God and kingdom purposes.

            Since the Bible is inspired by God Himself, I believe we can take instruction from these prayers of David.  I believe we can pray them for our children.  I imagine you have a child or a loved one who you are concerned about their walk with God.  If they are struggling in their walk with God, you are praying that they will get right with God.  If they are doing well, you are praying that continues.  Today’s section of David’s prayer is a great prayer for parents.  We can believe that God works in them to have “wholehearted devotion.”

            Do you think God would like this prayer for your children?  Would God Himself want them to have wholehearted devotion?  Of course He would!  So when you pray this prayer, you are getting in agreement with the very heart of God.  God would never “cross their free moral choices,” but He would work in their inner beings to create desires.  God would help their feelings turn toward spiritual and biblical principles.  Pray this prayer of David for your family—in faith!

Father, give my children the wholehearted devotion to keep your commands today!  Grant them passions for kingdom principles!  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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