We always have a part to play in our miracles. God deems it so!

Power to Overcome:
The Impossible – Part 2

Scripture Reading:  Mark 10:21-26

Key Verse: Mark 10:27

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”

Let’s continue to look at the concluding thought from yesterday’s devotional.  We have a part to play in turning the impossible into the possible.  The rich man, in our scripture for yesterday and today, could have experienced the amazing resources of heaven and felt the inner transformation from loving money to loving God.  His part in all this was to simply believe in Jesus and be obedient to what Jesus said to do.  The Almighty God of the universe would have done the rest!

            What is it that you are struggling with that is holding you back from seeing the impossible turn to possible?  I know you want God to make a move to help you but what might He be waiting on from you?  The rich man needed to sell everything and give it to the poor.  Is God asking you to take some steps toward obedience?  Sometimes fear will keep us from doing our part.  Maybe you need to call someone and try to reconcile a relationship.  If you will walk over to the phone—pick it up—dial the number, God will take over, filling your mind with the right words.

            We often say, “I just can’t do it,” but the truth is there is usually a part that we could do.  We could walk up to a place or a person, even if we can’t fix the entire problem.  In other words, we must figure out our part, and then do it.  Faith and obedience equip a miracle!

Father, thank you for reminding me that nothing is impossible with you by my side!  I will trust and obey throughout this day!  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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