When Jesus returns He will look for those who are “faithful and wise”…will you fit into that category?

The Urgency of Eternity: Food for the Hungry

When Jesus returns He will look for those who are
“faithful and wise”…will you fit into that category?

Reading:  Matthew 24:46-51

Key Verse: Matthew 24:45

“Who then is
the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of the
servants in his household to give them their food at the proper time?

When we see pictures of people starving in third world areas, we feel a sense of urgency to get them the food they need, and we should!
Hungry people must be fed quickly or they will die!  Some things are a matter of life and death.

Jesus continues to remind us how urgent it is to give those far from God food for their eternal souls.  In our scripture for today, Jesus asked and answered this question: Who then is faithful and wise? We know it is good to be faithful and wise, but do we truly understand what that looks like?  Jesus wants to be clear!  Jesus wants us to get it.  The word picture Jesus paints is about a servant who is in charge of the food provisions in the household.  The faithful and wise servant gives the food to the members of the household at the proper time.

We must see that people without Jesus are dying.  People without Jesus need the bread of heaven.  Jesus said that He was the bread.  We must be faithful and wise, giving the people around us who God has put in our lives, this eternal bread.  Take note of this additional phrase: “At the proper time.”  There is a proper time to share Jesus with a friend.  We
must be prayerful and sensitive to God’s Spirit to sense that proper time!  God will open the door.  We must walk through it.

Father, I am
willing to share you with those in my circle of influence.  Grant me your
wisdom to know the proper time.  I pray it in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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