The seeds of the kingdom grow; people see its growth and are influenced by its characteristics

The Power of a Story:
A Mustard Seed

Scripture Reading:  Luke 13:18-21

Key Verse: Luke 13:19

It is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his garden. It grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air perched in its branches.”

Jesus understood the power of a story.  He, being the second person of the Trinity, knew how we were created; a story sticks to our memories.  In today’s scripture, Jesus pointed to a mustard seed and painted a word picture of the kingdom of God.

“The kingdom is like a man who took a mustard seed and planted it in his garden.”  When we stop and reflect on that statement, Jesus lets us see God’s plan for building His kingdom.  It starts small, like the mustard seed.  Also, we see that God chooses to use us to be a part of building His eternal kingdom.  Our part is planting the seed in our circle of influence, our “garden.”  We are not the creators of the seed; we simply take that which God has given us and plant it in other people’s hearts.  That happens by our lifestyles and conversation with our friends.

Jesus continues this story by describing what happens when the seed is planted in a garden.  It grows!  The seed breaks forth and becomes a strong tree for everyone to see.  If it stayed in the ground, no one could see it, nor would it serve any purpose.  The seeds of the kingdom grow; people see its growth and are influenced by its characteristics.  As the birds find rest on a fully grown tree, so burdened hearts find rest in the kingdom of God.  The picture is clear; that is the power of a story!

Father, I’m so grateful you know me so intimately that you have communicated your story in ways I can remember.  Help me pass it on to others who

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