Would you be willing to give your life to the “giving” of God’s greatest gift to anyone who is around you?

The Single Greatest Gift:
While We Were Sinners – Part 1

Scripture Reading: Romans 5:1-7

Key Verse: Romans 5:8

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.


The truth is that we will all give our lives to something.  Many give their lives to the pursuit of material things, others give their lives to the advancement of their fame or power, and still others get caught up in simply giving their lives to the instant gratification of any and all pleasures to their bodies.  Everyone gives themselves to the pursuit of something!

            This month we are going to look at an eternal pursuit that the Bible challenges us to give our lives to.  Would you be willing to give your life to the “giving” of God’s greatest gift to anyone who is around you?  You and I have received God’s greatest gift of salvation.  Our key verse reminds us that Christ paid the ultimate price while we were at our worst.  We, being sinners, living in rebellion to God, were loved by God in heaven.  Nothing about our lives would earn the adoration of an Almighty God.  We are self-centered and lost in a world of self pleasures.  Yet, while we were in this terrible state of lostness, Christ died for us—for our sins!

            We entered this life of eternal destiny by our faith in Christ’s work.  Romans 5:1 reminds us that we have peace with God through our faith.  This faith gained us access into God’s grace in which we stand firm until this life is over.  What a glorious gift God has given to us!

Thank you, Father, for your gift of salvation.  I receive Jesus your son as my Savior and will live my life for His truths.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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