Is there anything in your life, besides God, that has started to rule your life?

Minding Your Math:
Life to the Full – Part 2

Scripture Reading:  John 10:7-15

Key Verse:  John 10:10

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

As we continue to look at one of the purposes of Jesus’ first coming, we want to live life to the full.  The new math that He taught was that we must subtract in order to add.  We must lose our life, meaning give it over to His Lordship.  If we surrender to Jesus’ leadership we will truly find the abundant life.

            The “Lordship” factor is very progressive after we give the first big yes to it.  It will first move us away from sinful behavior, but secondly, it will lead us away from non-beneficial behaviors.  Our study this month has named these behaviors as soft addictions.  They are not really sinful; they are more in the category of time wasters and energy drainers!  God wants to help us discern what these are in our lives and choose the “best” over the good, average, or OK.

            We choose between continual email and texting or have face to face conversations.  We all must use media, but has it become a total substitute for real interaction with another human being?  Most of us will watch TV and go to movies, but have these activities consumed so much time that we no longer enjoy outdoor activities in God’s beautiful creation?  We all have to eat, but has food become a way of handling life rather than a means to sustain life?  The question is: Is there anything in your life, besides God, that has started to rule your life?

Father, I need your help in making choices that serve me best; that fill your “temple” with the best things rather than the OK things.  In Jesus’’ Name, Amen.

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