We should make efforts to interact with one another in positive ways.

Minding Your Menu:
Mutual Edification

Scripture Reading:  Romans 14:13-23

Key Verse:  Romans 14:1

Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.

Our ability to identify our deeper needs or hungers is critical to living the abundant life God wants for us.  When we identify our real hungers, we usually will satisfy many deeper level needs, rather than using soft addictions that only temporarily try to meet one.  Author Judith Wright lists five hungers on everyone’s menu: to be seen; to matter; to be important; to be touched; to connect.

            She offers the surface ways; most are soft addictions that we use to try to satisfy these hungers.  To be seen, we often crack jokes or wear outrageous clothes.  To matter, we buy expensive gifts for others.  To be important, we scan the internet obsessively for information to share.  To be touched, act out sexually, inappropriately.  To connect, we gossip or watch tons of TV.

            One recent report listed the things we can’t live without, even during hard times financially.  What topped the list: portable computers and high speed internet.  One survey found that lots of homeless people were still getting online, logging in through their own laptops!

            The Apostle Paul reminds us in our scriptures for today that we should live in ways for mutual edification.  In other words, we should make efforts to interact with one another in positive ways.  We really do need each other, in deeper ways than our society understands.  Let’s go God’s way!

Father, help me to use modern technologies without abusing them.  Remind me today to interact with people more than with computers.  In Jesus’  Name, Amen.

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